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Teaser of interview in Captured in the Spotlight with Adriana Gentile!

Stay tuned, more information coming soon when the interview with Adriana Gentile's Captured in the Spotlight is released. In the...

Journal Metro – Une jeune musicienne offre des concerts sur les réseaux sociaux

Un grand merci à Nicolas Brasseur! Afin de transmettre sa passion pour la musique et sa joie de vivre, une...

Rachel Dara accepted into Vocal Stars Signwriting camp!

Rachel Dara was interviewed for an song writer artist development program by The Vocal Stars owner George Caceres (producer and...

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No Name Brand – Lyrics & Chords

Lyrics Help, I’m a different version of myself, suddenly, I don’t feel like her. I feel cold, like I’ve been outside for too long, now I find myself writing a song.Verse 1 I gotta be careful, I’m in the danger zone, packed up tightly like a clone, now I’m all...

Thrive – Lyrics & Chords

Lyrics We all know, that time just comes and goes. We don’t show, but sometimes we think so. We don’t go until we’re skin and bones, skin and bones. We all fight, just for the sake of life. We just run, ‘cause there ain’t nowhere to hide. I think I could...

Kid in the Summer – Lyrics & Chords

Lyrics The sun is out but the blinds are closed, only ten but I had control of everything around me. Heard a song, made it my anthem, heard a beat, started dancing, with everyone following me.Verse 1 Five years younger looking up to me, like I was a star but...

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