Singer Songwriter

Rachel Dara, Singer Songwriter

Rachel Dara is a Canadian born singer-songwriter based in Montreal, Quebec. Born in 2006 she is young, passionate and performs and writes beyond her years. Her style of music leans towards pop/rock genre but she has been known to experiment with soul, indie and country folk styles as she experiences and experiments with different artists she collaborates with and listens to.

Stage Experience

Rachel Dara is currently building up her stage experience.  She has played several times in concert with Talent Nation as well as blue festival “Argenteuil en Blues”, been invited and auditioned for America’s Got Talent producers in New York and has been building stage experience playing bi-weekly at Boulzeye, a local resto-pub amusement centre.  She has also had the pleasure of being mentored by local promoter Annie Martin of Annie Martin Gestion D’événements.

Formative years

Rachel Dara
Rachel Dara

She has always been very passionate about music. Ever since she was five years old, she knew how much she loved to sing. When she was around six or seven years old, she started making up short songs and scribbling them down onto a piece of paper. Rachel didn’t start writing real songs until she was nine, the first song that she wrote was called “Chance”, and when she told her parents about it, they didn’t believe her. Around this time she started learning guitar under the tutelage of Josh Goldman, an accomplished touring professional musician. 

The following year or two were formative, Rachel Dara learned that she could write songs with guitar, and she started to develop her sense of style when writing. Her parents didn’t realize her talent for songwriting until the fifth grade when they received a surprising call from her head-of-school.

The head-of-school had mentioned that an Israeli choir had came to her school and they sang one of Rachel’s original songs together in front of the whole school. The head-of-school then brought up that the choir invited the then 11-year-old to Israel to record and publish her song with them, which was a big shocker to Rachel’s parents. Though she wasn’t able to accept the offer, Rachel still continued to work on her craft.

She taught herself how to play ukulele and started teaching herself more guitar. Her songwriting techniques and singing ability dramatically improved. Now in her early teens, Rachel is thriving. She is now performing often and is making a name for herself here in Montreal. She is constantly writing songs and working on new music. In some ways she is like most young girls; she loves to hang out with her friends, spend time with her family and has various other hobbies., Rachel has an extraordinary talent that will grow as she gets older. Feel free to support her journey and help this young artist by listening to and appreciating her music.